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    Chinese E-book Treasure House is a professional Chinese E-content integrated service platform launched by Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Limited. With a formidable collection of E-content, ranging from the majority of books published since the founding of the People's Republic of China, various newspapers of all levels in China, yearbooks, reference books, pictures and other characteristic resource products, made available to readers, Chinese E-book Treasure House is dedicated to provide prime online reading, full article search, offline borrowing, mobile reading, download, printing and other convenient e-services to an array of clients like libraries, enterprises, governments, common readers, etc.
    Thanks to Chinese E-book Treasure House, readers can gain access to newly published books at the first time and find out interesting content online in an accurate and prompt way. Besides, more delights can be gained by sharing the fun of reading with friends, establishing your unique homepage, being timely informed of knowledge and news you are concerned about.
    In virtue of its rich content and powerful search function, Chinese E-book Treasure House will enable libraries to improve its reference service speed and quality in a forceful manner. In addition, the download of MARC data will save libraries a great amount of time and labor cost in making catalogues.
    In addition, valuable information of 900-plus publishing houses and 500,000 authors Chinese E-book as well as their works are included into Chinese E-book Treasure House, which will be a great information pool for all involved in the publication industry chain including authors, publishing houses, distribution service providers, information service providers and common readers. Besides, it will also provide solid support to government administration over and decision-making for publication industry.

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Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Limited. All rights reserved
Statement: all information contained in the product are originated from related publication institutions, which have pledged that all provided content are in accordance with related laws, regulations and policies in the nation; and are in possession of publication right (including internet communication right) of e-contents of which they are copyright owners. Please contact related publication institutions for any doubt you might have.

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